Why us

G&S Solar offers businesses a unique solar program that requires no capital commitment from the customer and substantially reduces the customers electricity cost. We offer Community Solar, Net Metering, Rooftops, Ground Mounts and Carports in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and California.




  • No cost at any time.
  • The customer will receive guaranteed savings off of the electric rate regardless of utlity rate fluctuations.
  • Tenants only pay for the power they use at a discounted rate.
  • Customer remains fully connected to the utlity grid.
  • For roof-mounted systems, no roof penetrations will be made and current roof warranty will stay in place.
  • PPAs are coterminous with tenant lease.
  • Lease is fully transferrable.
  • We build flexibility into our array designs to accommodate all roof mechanicals, including new additions.
  • G&S Solar handles all the development, financing, engineering, installation, and operations and maintenance.
  • G&S Solar is deploying internal capital and can complete a transaction quickly.