G&S is a vertically integrated solar company.

We develop, design, finance, construct, operate, maintain and own systems.


  • Control the process from start to finish
  • G&S Solar is the largest private commercial and industrial solar installer in the Northeast



  • Provide clean, efficient power
  • The customer is only responsible to purchase the power that they use
  • No Risk, No Limitations
  • We focus on commercial and industrial greater than 70,000 square feet
  • Flexible savings returns including roof rents
  • 3 to 4 month non-intrusive system installation
  • Tier 1 panels with real-time monitoring
271,428 Solar Panels installed

271,428 Solar Panels installed

288,307,480 kWh of solar electricity generated

288,307,480 kWh of solar electricity generated

The installation process comes free of charge. G&S handles all zoning, and construction cost. It will cost the owner and tenant nothing to become a green building.

Fixed solar rates that are independent of potential utility increases. Throughout the life of the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) you only pay for the power you use, and nothing more. There is no penalty for not using all power generated.

G&S takes care of each aspect involved in getting the solar panels to you. From zero cost to installation to maintaining your roof warranty.

G&S doesn't build panels that cover your entire rooftop. This allows for maintenance of your roof at all times. If the panels need to come down it is a quick and easy process for G&S to accommodate.

While G&S will not use your entire rooftop we use our years of expertise to maximize the results. Factors we considerinclude the roof shape and size, as well as the energy consumed by the building.

G&S is privately owned and funded. We are able to make quick decisions to maximize your satisfaction. You will never be waiting to hear back on changes that are necessary for you.