G&S is a vertically integrated solar company.

We develop, design, finance, construct, operate, maintain and own systems.

  • G&S Solar is the largest private commercial and industrial solar installer in the Northeast.
  • Our objective is to provide clean, efficient power for commercial and industrial buildings larger than 70,000 square feet.
  • The installation process comes without charge. The is no cash outlay to become a green building.
  • The customer is only responsible to purchase the power that they use and they remain connected to the grid.
  • Flexible savings returns including roof rents.
  • 3 to 4 month non-intrusive system installation using Tier 1 panels with real-time monitoring.
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271,428 Solar Panels installed

271,428 Solar Panels installed

288,307,480 kWh of solar electricity generated. That’s a carbon reduction equivalent to turning 18 cities the size of Manhattan into forests!

288,307,480 kWh of solar electricity generated. That’s a carbon reduction equivalent to turning 18 cities the size of Manhattan into forests!


frequently asked questions

What is G&S Solar offering?
G&S Solar is offering a program where businesses can save significant $ on their electric costs by deploying a solar array on their building rooftop or ground.  This program comes at $0 cost to the business whether the business is a tenant, owner operator, or site owner. 


What does G&S Solar need from the customer to start?
All G&S Solar need to prepare a proposal is site address, a few months of electric bills, and to understand whether you own or lease the site. 


How long does it take before the system is installed and the customer sees electricity savings?
After a contract is signed, it generally takes us 3-4 months to complete the engineering, receive interconnect application approval, receive all permits, and to install the system. As soon as the system is installed and connected, the customer will immediately start seeing savings.  


Why is the electricity rate cheaper than the local utility’s rate?
A solar electric system generates electricity more efficiently than the local utility and as such, we are able to pass along those savings to the customer. The “fuel” for the system is the sun and it is a renewable energy source that is free. 


How reliable is the system?
We operate and maintain at no cost, and the solar arrays have 99% up-time. The system is installed with G&S monitoring on a real-time basis. 


What size properties does G&S Solar work with? 
Typically, 70,000 sq ft and up. 


Will alterations be made to the roof when the solar electric system is installed?
The customer remains connected to the grid and continues to have a relationship with his local utility. If for whatever reason the solar system stops working, because the customer continues to be connected to the electric grid, it will automatically provide the customer power. There will be no interruption of power. 


Can the customer have all their electricity generated from solar?


How often will the customer be billed – quarterly, monthly?
The customer is billed on a monthly basis. 


Who will insure the solar system?
G&S Solar insures the system. 


Who is responsible for the maintenance of the system?
G&S Solar is responsible for the maintenance of the system. 


How much of my time will be involved in the process?
G&S Solar handles the process from start to finish.  We need very little of your time to execute a project.  Your time requirements are limited to providing electric bills, reviewing proposal, accommodating a site visit for engineering analysis, and review of formal documents.  You can be involved as much as you like, but we really require very little of your time. 


What happens after the term of the PPA or site lease?
After the full term of the PPA, G&S and the customer can extend the PPA. 


Will the customer’s property taxes increase?
No, by law they can not. 


What if the solar system stops working? Will the customer be in the dark?
If for whatever reason the solar system stops working, the customer is always connected to the electricity grid and will continue to operate per usual. There will be no interruption of power. 


Why will you maintain the system once it is installed?
We will maintain the system because if it is broken or doesn’t produce electricity we do not earn a return on our investment. 


What happens if the roof leaks?
The customer’s roofer will have access to all parts of the roof and can maintain the roof as normal. 


Can the customer get access to any space on the roof to work? What happens if the customer needs to install new equipment on the roof that takes up more roof space than his current equipment?
We design and install the solar system to have space around the perimeter of the roof and around the existing equipment to allow access and space for new equipment. 


How does this help the environment?
This system offsets a part of the need of the local utility to burn oil and gas to produce electricity for the public grid and therefore reduces greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

A typical 1MW solar array in the Northeast will be equivalent to offsetting 900 Metric tons of greenhouse gases on an annual basis.  This is equivalent to 2,100,000 miles driven by an average car annually, or CO2 emissions from burning 937,000 pounds of coal, or carbon sequestered by 832 acres of forests.

By any measurement, the environmental impact is significant. 


Who will obtain local permits?
G&S Solar will obtain all local permits and approvals. If you are the site owner and sell the site, the site lease is transferable. 


Is the solar lease transferable?


Will we have expected savings over PPA term?
Yes. We will provide you a savings chart that will provide you with clear projections of your savings on an annual basis. 


What codes do you design to?
G&S Solar designs to the latest NEC and UL codes.  The current NEC code has safety features in it such as rapid shutdown and arc fault protection. Following this code, the inverters will be on the rooftops eliminating the need for a concrete pad on your ground.  The NEC code assures that a solar array on your rooftop is as safe as having an AC unit on your roof. 


What happens if I don’t renew my lease?
G&S Solar PPAs are coterminous with your lease.  If you vacate the building, your PPA terminates and your obligation to purchase solar electric from G&S Solar ends.  There are no termination penalties. 


What if electric rates go down?
In the unlikely event that electric rates go down below the solar electric rate, G&S Solar will lower the solar electric rate.  We guarantee savings. 


What types of roofs are appropriate for solar?
Most roof types are appropriate for solar.  G&S Solar has completed installations on ballasted roofs, EPDM roofs, metal seam roofs, etc.