Company Overview

G&S Solar was founded in 2009 and is a vertically integrated solar company.  Our leadership team has been involved in the renewable energy sector for over 8 years and has over 30 years of industrial, residential and retail real estate construction experience.  Our roots are as a real estate developer and we started our solar program by adding solar arrays to our own properties so that we could provide the benefit of lower cost electricity to our tenants.  The program was so successful that we decided to expand and offer the opportunity to other businesses to lower their electrical costs and to promote sustainability; at no cost to them.

Our leadership is dedicated to finding creative solutions that provide value to our clients whether they are building owners, tenants, or owner operators.  As property owners ourselves, we understand and respect the value of the real estate and work to the highest standards to protect it.  We also understand that the real estate takes precedence, therefore we have created flexibility in our program to address these needs.

Our program has been so successful that to date we have constructed over 140 projects and have invested over $350M of our own capital into those projects.   In 2015, G&S Solar was recognized by greentechmedia: as the 2nd largest private commercial & industrial solar developer in the nation.